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Everything you need to know about motorized blinds for your NYC apartment.

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

If you're looking for a way to automate your window treatments, motorized shades are a great option.

Upper East Side Apartment Living Room With Motorized Blinds Installed
Motorized Blinds Installed In Upper East Side Apartment

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But there's a lot to know about them before you make a purchase. In this blog post, we'll cover everything from how they work to the benefits of using them in your NYC Apartment. Read on to learn more!

Why Motorized?

Motorized shades offer many advantages over standard window coverings. They are easy to use, require minimal maintenance and provide energy savings by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your home directly. They are programmed to open and close based on the time of day or desired lighting settings, making it effortless to adjust the level of sun exposure and allowing you to enjoy natural light in any space. Additionally, since motorized shades can be connected to a central control system, so all of your shades can be operated together, helping to conserve energy throughout the entire home. With their convenience, energy-efficiency and versatility, motorized shades make a great investment for any home.

How Are They Controlled?

Motorized shades are very convenient way to easily adjust light, view, and temperature of a room. They can be controlled via a remote control, your mobile phone, voice control, keypads or have them pre-programmed to open and close at certain times throughout the day. Not all motorized solutions are created equal so knowing how you want to control them is one of your first decisions. Our recommendation is to invest in automated blinds that can be programmed. This eliminates you having to remember to open and close them everyday in every room of your home or apartment. Our smart shades systems allow them to be programmed to open and close at specific time or based on sunset and sunrise, which makes more sense. So you may want them to open at sunrise or 30 minutes after to allow more heat in, during the winter time, and closing them 30 minutes after sunset. Either way, programmable shades are maintenance and worry free! Shades are controlled individually so you can really customize how all of your shades go up and down automatically and independently.

The Perfect Ambiance In This Chelsea NYC Apartment With Motorized Shades
Motorized Shades Provide The Perfect Ambiance In This Chelsea NYC Apartment

How Are They Powered?

Your next decision is how will they be powered? Since they are motorized they will need a power source and each way has its downfalls and benefits. Here is a quick overview of the four most common types of powering options for motorized blinds: battery-powered, hardwired, plug-in DC power, and solar-powered. Learn about the pros and cons of each option to help you decide which one is right for your needs.


One of the most revolutionary products in the window-treatment industry is battery-powered motorized blinds. These blinds use a tiny motors to open and close them with the control of your choice discussed above, making it easy and efficient to adjust your shades while also adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Battery powered shades are great for spaces where you cannot run wires through the walls and ceiling to a power supply, usually located in a utility closet. The downfall is you would need to change the batteries every few years, yes, they can last up 5 years with one up and one down per day.

Roman Shade Installation In A Tribeca NYC Apartment With
Tribeca NYC Apartment With Roman Shade Installation


Probably the best power source smart blinds is having them hardwired. This means no changing batteries and having all wires concealed and out of sight. The wire runs from the motor inside the shade, through the wall, and is connected to a power supply hidden away. This means as long as you have power they are ready to roll. The only downfall is you have to run the wires, so unless you’re building a new home, or are completely renovating your apartment, it can be costly to run wires and then patch/paint your walls.


These motorized shades are similar to hardwired blinds but the wires run from the motor in the shade to a plug that goes into a local wall outlet. You do not have to worry about batteries or tearing your walls apart but, you will most likely see the wire running down the window and the plug sticking out. With multiple shades in the same space, it also means using up a lot of your accessible outlets. This is by far the least popular power source.


Solar-powered motorized blinds are an energy-efficient and convenient way to control natural light in your home. These modern window treatments work when sunshine is absorbed by a local solar panel, which converts it to electrical energy, and then stores it in a rechargeable battery within the shade. Unfortunately, this technology has not been perfected and is still being developed. Having a solar panel that is small enough to be hidden is the challenge, as well as making sure it is in constant sunlight. We are monitoring different manufacturers’ success, so be sure to ask us for an update on this available technology.

 Tribeca NYC Penthouse Motorized Drapes With Motorized Shades
Motorized Drapes With Motorized Shades in Tribeca NYC Penthouse

Benefits Of Motorized Blinds

If you're looking for a way to improve your home's energy-efficiency, protect your furniture and belongings from UV rays, and enhance your décor, then motorized shades may be the perfect solution. In this blog post, we'll explore the many benefits of motorized shades and why they're a great addition to any home.

Energy Savings

Motorized shades are an ideal way to improve energy-efficiency in the home while adding great style and convenience. In winter, motorized shades can be used to trap heat inside, preventing it from escaping through windows. In summer, shades can help keep the hot sunshine out, protecting your home from sweltering temperatures that could require excessive use of air conditioning. With their temperature-controlling capabilities and easy operation they offer a fast and effective way to save energy and money on your utility bills. For those looking for an upgrade that will cut back on utility costs while providing additional home comfort, motorized shades are a great way to go.

Protect Furnishings

The sun has the potential to wreak havoc on our beloved home furnishings, reducing the vibrancy of precious rugs and fading valuable artwork. Using motorized shades to block out UV rays is a great way to protect your furniture and décor from the destructive effects of direct sunlight. With the ease and convenience programming or being able to adjust the shades at the touch of a button, you can make sure that your furniture stay as vibrant as they did when you first brought them home.

Motorized Blinds Project In A Central Park West NYC Apartment
Central Park West NYC Apartment Motorized Blinds Project

Safety With Cordless Design

Cordless design provides the ultimate safety assurance for homes with children and pets. This novel design not only eliminates the fear of a child or pet accidentally tugging on an electrical cord and getting injured, but it removes the worry from needing to tuck in excess cables, or cover them with duct tape. It is one less hazard within your home that can provide you with peace of mind.

Improved Privacy

Homeowners who value privacy have long been drawn to heavy curtains and traditional window treatments, but with today's modern technology we now have the privilege of enhanced privacy through motorized shades. They provide a level of control and customization that no other window treatment can. With one press of a button, you can easily adjust the amount of light and visibility for optimal levels at any given time. Unlike manual shades that require physical labor to adjust, a motorized configuration allows for automatic and remote customization that is both efficient and convenient.

Enhanced Décor

Motorized blinds have quickly become a must-have in interior design, as they can add a touch of luxury to any room and offer enhanced elegance that stands out. Their streamlined design with minimalistic hardware provides you with clean aesthetics, while their wide selection of colors and materials ensures you find the perfect look to match both your space and individual style. Whether you want to create an airy and spacious atmosphere or a warm and cozy retreat, motorized shades give you the power to instantly transform the mood of any room without having to spend hours changing furniture or wall decorations. They’re sure to be the talking point amongst guests, boasting sophisticated beauty with exceptional convenience and comfort.

Motorized Blackout Shades In Greenwich NYC Apartment
Greenwich NYC Apartment With Motorized Blackout Shades

As you can now understand, motorized blinds offer a variety of benefits that make them an excellent choice for any home or business. Not only are they energy-efficient, helping to cut down on heating and cooling costs, but they also provide added safety measures by eliminating the risk of cords being pulled on by children or pets. The convenience and elegance motorized blinds bring to any space are undeniable, making them a great option for all types of homes and businesses. So, whether you're looking for added convenience, savings on your energy bills, extra safety features, or just an elegant way to dress up your windows, motorized blinds are worth considering. With their unique combination of practicality and style, you can be sure that you're making a smart investment when it comes to your home or business.


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