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Basalte Chopin - fer forge rose.jpg

We believe technology should be gorgeous as it is functional, which is why we choose to work with companies like Basalte, who hand-craft keypads, outlets and switchplates to be intuitive, designed with a contemporary style and with stunning materials.


Basalte is a Belgian manufacturer of design technology solutions for premium smart homes. After winning more than 35 international design awards, Basalte continues to grab the attention with beautiful technology products that offer many functionalities, are easy to use and are handmade with high-quality finishes.

Basalte Sentido quad - brushed brass 2.jpg

Basalte integrated controls are designed to work with a centralized automation system, like Crestron, Lutron or KNX and they can connect to every light, every speaker, even your doorbell and alarm system so you can control everything in your home with an app.

Basalte Fibonacci 2-button - brushed brass 3.jpg

Basalte switches are designed to intuitively control lights, screens, climate and even music in Crestron, Lutron or KNX home automation systems! They are touch-sensitive, opening a world of possibilities thanks to the unique multitouch technology. Because of the timeless design, Basalte switches blend in every architectural style. No wonder, since you can choose from a comprehensive set of high-quality finishes, including aluminum, brass, glass and even leather! Last but not least: all Sentido switches can be flush mounted and custom engraved to your client’s wishes.

Basalte Deseo RTR - fer forg‚ bronze.jpg

Deseo is the intelligent design thermostat by Basalte for Crestron and KNX home automation systems. It is available in the same form and finishes as the other Basalte switches, to subtly blend in, or to serve as a true design statement. Thanks to its touch-sensitive sensors, you can easily change the set point, temperature mode and fan speed. With the unique multitouch function, you can quickly turn all lights on and off in a room.


Auro is a small, fast and versatile motion sensor to automatically control lights in your hallway, restrooms, meeting rooms and more. It also hosts a temperature and light sensor, as well as LEDs to use it as a night light. Thanks to its completely flush design and visible diameter of only 2”, Auro is almost invisible. For certain applications, Basalte also offers a wall version in the same form & finishes as its switches: perfect for a stairway case with open ceiling! Auro integrates with Crestron, Lutron and KNX home automation systems (functions vary per system).

Basalte Eve Plus Air 4.jpg

The iPad is used in so many applications at home and at work. To keep your iPad readily available, permanently charged and easy to take with you, Basalte created the Eve mounts and docking stations. These are precision machined from high-quality finishes like aluminum and boast a minimalist design that only adds the bare minimum to the iPad’s iconic design.

BASALTE_Basalte Lisa - bronze 2.jpg


Let’s talk about what we can do to make your house a home, increase privacy and safety and to make automation a breeze.

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