Would you like the lights to brighten and shades lower automatically when the sun sets? How about maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the day according to your preferences? Or your heating and cooling system instantly responding when you say its “too hot” or “it’s too dark”? Crestron Home can be set to do what you want when you want it and provide the perfect climate in your NYC home. Whether you want your home to be cool upon arrival, simply change the lighting, or do them both together, finding your comfort level is easy with Crestron Home Automation.

Warm your house on your way home. Cool each room individually or every room simultaneously. A Crestron Home climate control system responds to your every need. Pre-program your home to change with the seasons or simply the time of day. And do it all by touch or voice command. See how it all happens seamlessly and instantly.


Having a smart thermostat and HVAC system has a lot of benefits that may surprise you. Becase the system is monitored and set on regular schedules there is a lot less waste of energy and reduces the stress on your system by not having to start and stop repeatedly. Here are some specific benefits that yo may not know about as well when it comes to comfort control.



Maintaining the right level of humidity is crucial and here are some of the benefits you probably did not realize.

Comfort Level

In summer moisture stops sweat from evaporating and cooling us off. In the winter low humidity dries out our skin, throats and nose.

Improved Efficiency

When humidity is high in summer, we lower the thermostat to feel comfortable; in winter, it feels colder when the air is dry. When you control humidity your System doesn’t have to work as hard which saves  on wear and tear.

Reduced Sickness The flu is transmitted more from human to human under cool, dry conditions. When the air is more humid, the flu virus has a harder time surviving.

Reduce Dust

Reduce Fire Hazards



Besides the obvious of keeping you cool, heck out these surprising benefits of your smart air conditioning system.

Reduced Asthma Attacks Mayo Clinic studies have proven your A/C  reduces humidity, also lowering  pollen, mold, mildew and other allergen levels that lead to asthma symptoms.

Less Insects And Parasites Air conditioning filters are more effective in keeping bugs out than window screens. 

Better Sleep We actually sleep better in colder conditions
Prevents Electronics From Overheating
Reduces Risk Of Dehydration
Reduces Risk Of Heat Stroke



Heating systems are definitely a welcomed necessity and here are even more reasons why:

Energy Efficient

There is no arguing that energy costs are one of the larger expenses of your home. A smart HVAC system monitors temperature and humidity more closely and reduces how many times it turns on and off which increases efficiency.

Efficiently Maintains Temperature

Manual heating systems take a lot of time to heat the house because by the time you feel cold the entire system has cooled drastically including the furnace itself and the duct work.  A digitally monitored heating system will maintain the temperature at your desired levels within no time.

Less Maintenance Required

Smart  heating systems require less maintenance reducing the cost of service calls and repair.



Control impurities
You may think NYC air may be poor but it is possible that your interior air is worse than the air outside. A good ventilation system will help decrease pollutants, bacteria, moisture and unpleasant odors.
Stop condensation
Condensation can lead to mould that cause health issues, such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems for many people.
Reduce temperatures
When people are confined in a small space it can become hot and stuffy. A well-ventilated room will instantly be more comfortable 
Health benefits
Another benefit of good ventilation systems is the positive impact it as on health and well-being. 


A smart home that is not simple or comfortable to live in wouldn't be very smart at all, which makes smart climate control from Crestron, a true innovator. With crestron thermostats and temperature  sensors  installed, your NYC home's climate control system will be able to "learn" your habits, adapt to your schedule, and anticipate your needs before you even have to think about it. Crestron HVAC control systems help you heat and cool more efficiently, saving you time and energy all year long.  All this starts with us helping you properly program your schedule and educating you on how to get the most out of the Crestron Home App installed on your Ipad, tablet or mobile phone.



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Crestron smart thermostats install just like a conventional thermostat because no extra wires are needed to connect to the control system. Although functional as a standalone thermostat, they deliver enhanced functionality as part of a complete Crestron® automation system. Integrating HVAC with a Crestron system can help lower energy bills and increase user friendliness.
Key Features
  • Wall mount heat/cool thermostat for baseboard, forced air, and heat pump[1] HVAC systems

  • Saves on energy costs with advanced programming abilities

  • Fail-safe mode allows operation in event of control system failure

  • Backlit LCD display

  • Available in white, black, or almond finish


Crestron temperature sensors are wall-mounted remote sensor designed for use with Crestron   thermostats. The 1-1/2 inch diameter face of the sensor sits flat against the surface just 1/8 inch from the wall and is easily painted or wallpapered to blend into the wall.
Key Features
  • Wall-mounted remote temperature sensor

  • Designed for use with select Crestron® thermostats

  • Remote sensor may be mounted up to 500 ft (152 m) from the thermostat



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