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Nothing else touches your soul the way music can.  A few bars of an old song can transport you to another place and time.  Music dispersing from your home audio system throughout your NYC home can shape your mood, helping you shrug off the stresses of the day, or pump you up to maximize your workout.  Music can be very personal, but it can also be totally social.  We can be all alone with our sounds and our thoughts, or singing along with our friends and family.  Music has such incredible power.  It is no wonder that it plays such an important role in our lives. Christopher-William design will help you understand different home audio applications below and hopefully find the perfect solution for you.


With a Sonos Home Audio Sound System you can easily bring every room together with incredible sound. If you have not heard Sonos, you havent heard home audio.

Whole Houme Audio Install NYC Apartment

H E A R I N G   I S   B E L I E V I N G

Because, when it’s played just right, sound has the incredible ability to transport you from your living room to a packed stadium, to the bottom of the ocean – or a galaxy far far away. Bang & Olufsen is here.


It seems new audio products are being released daily, improving design, adding convenience and sounding more amazing. Below are some of today's top home audio solutions to give you some ideas and we are always available to discuss one customized just for you.




Today it is easy to have music playing in every corner of your home.  Modern home audio systems, like Sonos™, enable everyone in the house to listen to their own tunes.  At another time, the whole house can rock out to your favorite musician’s newest record.  Having a soundtrack to your life has never been easier or more affordable.  Modern music systems live on your Wi-Fi network, so we may not need to pull any wires to turn up the tunes all over the house. Learn all about Sonos here.



Loudspeakers such as Stealth Acoustics™ are completely invisible and they sound truly marvelous.  There has never been a better way to enjoy music throughout the house while keeping your designer happy!  These invisible systems involve more planning and labor, but there are few enhancements to your home that will equal the pleasure provided by a totally invisible whole house audio system. Learn all about Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers here.

Home Audio NYC Listening Room



If you have a baby grand piano in your library, a hi-end audio system provides a great way to expand your repertoire to include all of the world’s best performances.  You will need a pair of excellent speakers, a handful of fine audio components, and a subscription to one of the high-resolution music streaming services.  Of course, you can also add a turntable if you have a collection of LP records just waiting to be rediscovered.



When the seasons permit, we just love to be outdoors.  Pools, patios and outdoor kitchens make it irresistible to be out in the fresh air.  What better place to also enjoy your favorite music?  With a little bit of creative landscaping, we can hide top quality weather-rated outdoor speakers that will provide the soundtrack for future memories.  These systems can provide a gently tinkling background for a quiet gathering, or they can turn up the volume when you need to drown out your neighbor’s barking dog.  Of course, your inside and outside music will be in perfect sync when it’s party time, all easily controlled by an app on your phone.

Christopher Williams Design of New York City Designs, Installs, Programs and Services Home Audio Systems in and around the following neighborhoods:

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Mount Morris 
Photo District
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